So many years ago that it sometimes feels like a dream, I went up to the north of South Africa to see the Baobab trees, and visit the saltpans in Botswana. This was where I first met these amazing trees. They are sometimes known as the upside down trees, as it looks like they have roots twisting and turning up to the sky rather than branches.

I say ‘met’ them because they are huge trees; you can almost feel time when you stand next to them, the sense of calm that surrounds them, the solid presence of something that has been around for eons. (The average lifespan of the “tree of life” is 2-5,000 years!)

While climbing and sitting in the immense branches of one of the trees, I looked down and in the crook of one of the branches was a nest of baby owlets, big eyes looking back at me. It was a magical moment that I will never forget.

These trees were the inspiration for my Baobab Baby Pullover. This pullover is knit from the bottom up, in the round, and then split off for the arms and neck. The sleeves are picked up and added after the body has been knit. There is a tiny seam on the button shoulder where the 2 rib sections meet. This is the only seaming required. The button shoulder makes the pullover easier to get on and off a baby’s head.

Please note purchase is for the PDF pattern to knit the Baobab Baby Pullover and not for the finished item!!

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