Colour Spun


It’s the colour – all the colours under the sun, literally, that led to ColourSpun. As far back as I can remember colours are what stand out and make my memories vivid. I can see myself finger painting at nursery school, covered in a bright yellow plastic apron, my hands like little rainbows, splashing colour onto large sheets of paper. I painted and coloured my way through childhood and when in my mid-teens I finally learned to knit, that love of colour was transferred to yarn.

My stash of yarn soon outgrew my ability to knit it up, but I was always on the lookout for that new colour that I didn’t yet own. I found I was constantly looking for colours of yarn that just didn’t exist, so I started dyeing my own.

Although the first attempts were far from satisfactory, I kept experimenting and learnt a huge amount about natural fibres, dyeing and spinning and soon had a large stash of yarn I had dyed myself. I loved it, each skein was unique and it made a huge difference to my knitting. Friends started noticing and also wanted some; soon I was sharing my yarn with them. Eventually, ColourSpun was born.

I have developed a process that uses the minimum amount of water and solar heat and when that’s not possible – gas, which is a cleaner alternative to our electricity.

My signature will always be yarn that is different, each piece and skein having its own character and filled with a special energy. 

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