Frikke Muller


My name is Frikkie Müller and I am a hobbyist photographer with a love for landscape photography. I grew up in the Vaal Triangle and went on regular hiking trips with my dad. This is where my love for the outdoors came to be.
In 2010 I saved up enough money to buy a secondhand DSLR and was soon captivated by the art of photography and made it my mission to learn as much about the art as possible, especially landscape photography. Being more technically inclined I enjoy the technical part of photography a lot. The whole process of planning a shot and working out what settings to use until you see the final result is very exciting.

A good landscape photograph evokes emotion and a feeling of being there, and I try to create that in my landscape photos. I may not always succeed but every failed attempt is a stepping stone and part of the learning curve. Just getting out in nature and enjoying the beauty in South Africa and other parts of the world is all part of the whole experience. To be able to capture it and sharing the beauty with others is what drives me.
I enjoy the work of other landscape photographers and I constantly learn from others and try to improve on technique and post processing skills.

Contact Details
Twitter: @MullerFJ
Insagram: mullerfj