My interest in dyeing was originally sparked by my desire as a knitter for a local source of luxury fibres and interesting colourways offered by international indie dyers. Even simple pure wool was hard to come by in the local yarn shops a few years ago, and I was frustrated by the very limited selection of luxury yarns available to me locally. So, I started buying up any white wool yarn I could find and playing around with colour, and soon discovered that I loved the creative process and endeavoured to source the luxury yarn blends my needles were yearning for…
In 2010 I decided to make the move from Johannesburg to the small town of Riebeek Kasteel in the Western Cape, and this is where Hartlam was born. Starting out with only 6 base yarns, the Hartlam menu has now grown to 15 delicious bases in 4 weights, each with their own particular special qualities.

Being in the countryside, I find the beautiful landscapes around me to be a particular inspiration, and I often strive to create colourways inspired by the colours of the agricultural fields, animals, birds, insects, fynbos, mountains and sky around me. My colourways are dyed in small batches using a variety of techniques, and many are unique, one-of-a-kind colourways. I love to offer variety and the freedom of expression through colour, and hope that each Hartlam project turns into a special and unique treasure.

Contact Details
www.hartlam.co.za for South African clients
www.hartlam.com for International clients
Instagram: Hartlam
Email: hartlamyarn@gmail.com