Jeanette Verster


Jeanette Verster is a Johannesburg-based photographer who lives her life online. Mom to two boisterously brilliant boys, Jeanette works full-time in the Financial Services industry but photography is her passion.

A lifestyle photographer who specialises in on-location portrait and event photography, Jeanette’s impressive portfolio speaks for itself. You will find Jeanette at play and at work online, and she actively welcomes online interaction with her beloved clients.

Jeanette’s work is never conventional, and her photographic style leans more towards capturing important life moments, rather than stiff poses and forced smiles.

A self-taught photographic magician, Jeanette devotes her energies to learning more about her craft, and often attends workshops, short courses and online study programmes.

Contact Details
Twitter: @Jenty
Pinterest: Jenty