Table Mountain

Table_Mountain_Main_750_536Table Mountain was recently added to the list of the 7 wonders of the natural world. I live on the west coast of Cape Town and every day as I drive my daughter to swimming, the mountain is there in front of us. Sometimes it is a clear day and you can see the iconic table shape, sometimes it has the table cloth of clouds spilling over the top and my children say the giants are setting their table for dinner and sometimes it is totally covered with clouds but you still know it is there.

My grandfather used to take me to climb the mountain as a child. My sister and I would visit Cape Town from Pretoria during our holidays and this was always one of the highlights of the trip. We would set off early in the morning and walk up, taking the cable car down in the afternoon. My grandfather imparted his wealth of knowledge about the plants and animals as he gently and patiently helped us up the mountain.
The beautiful King Protea, which was the inspiration for the colourway used in this shawl, grows on the mountain. The slipped stitch in the body not only makes using a variegated yarn possible for this pattern but also reminds me of the inside lines of the protea flower.

This is a large crescent shaped shawl, the body section doubles using Pi so you have a shawl that sits well on your shoulders and has plenty of fabric to wrap around you. The lace edge in a contrast colour makes for a dramatic finish to the shawl.

Please note purchase is for the PDF pattern to knit the Table Mountain Shawl and not for the finished item!!

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  1. It all looks amazing Sal, I love the book title you’ve chosen. “Table Mountain” is beautiful and definitely my favourite

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