Cape Point

My love of Cape Point was sparked by Andre, the photographer for this pattern and my book. He is a landscape photographer and seeing this beautiful outcrop of mountain, at the south westerly tip of the Cape Peninsula through his eyes and his lens left a lasting impression on me. Strangely, my favourite place is […]

Table Mountain

Table Mountain was recently added to the list of the 7 wonders of the natural world. I live on the west coast of Cape Town and every day as I drive my daughter to swimming, the mountain is there in front of us. Sometimes it is a clear day and you can see the iconic […]


We have an ostrich farm down the road from us here on the West Coast. It interestingly holds the Guinness Book of Records award for the smallest full-grown adult ostrich in the world. Being a large flightless bird, the ostrich is an intriguing bird. The first birds were tamed just outside Cape Town in the […]

Forest Cardigan

During the design process, often an idea comes first and then I seek out the perfect yarn to make the vision come true. However, sometimes I see the yarn and it sparks a memory or a thought which becomes the design. This time it was the yarn. When I saw the Gnome’s Home colourway by […]

Jozi Socks

I studied in Johannesburg, which is close to my home town of Pretoria. I lived in the nurses’ residence for 4 years and from my 13th floor window I would look out over the city. I could see the Post Office Tower and the notorious Ponte circular building. I knew that I really wanted this […]


I fell in love with what I call Dragon stitch when I was designing my ‘Winter is coming’ shawl. So many people commented when they made the shawl how they enjoyed knitting that part. When it came time to design the South African inspired patterns, Dragon stitch was just calling to be used. It reminded […]


My home town is Pretoria, I was born and went to school there. No matter where I have lived in the world, there is always a sense of coming home when I am in Pretoria. One of the things I miss the most about living away from Pretoria, is the Jacaranda trees that flower in […]

African Fingerless Mittens

Beads and beaded art is very common in South Africa. From jewellery to Christmas decorations, animals to key rings, beads and bead artists can be found selling their wares at markets, shops, informal stalls and tourist attractions. I wanted to design some fingerless gloves that honour this tradition. The African series of gloves are all […]


So many years ago that it sometimes feels like a dream, I went up to the north of South Africa to see the Baobab trees, and visit the saltpans in Botswana. This was where I first met these amazing trees. They are sometimes known as the upside down trees, as it looks like they have […]